Gargonza Arts

Ein Projekt von INTERARTES

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts are represented by the following disciplines: painting, sculpture, installations, photography and video art, whereby artists who span more than one field are welcome too. Working conditions are adapted to the respective necessities of the artists. In the artists' home - the Casa Contessa Francesca - a spacious studio is provided. The vicinity to the other artists in residence is intentional in order to enhance mutual inspiration. The aim is to exchange thoughts, ideas, attitudes and principles that widen the individual horizon, while also being able to enjoy the privacy of the artists in residence own room, the castle or the natural environment. However, the close community remains a central aspect and aim of the project. At the end of the artists in residence period there will be an exhibition in Gargonza, which will later be shown in several other European cities. The displayed works do not necessarily have to be created during the three months in Gargonza but may also be earlier works.


Our current Curators for Fine Arts are:

Mary Bauermeister

Anthony Cragg

Herbert Molderings