Gargonza Arts

Ein Projekt von INTERARTES

Castello di Gargonza

The main goal of Gargonza Arts is to support the joint work of young and highly talented artists from different art disciplines in one place. Castello di Gargonza offers the ideal requirements.

In the 1970s Conte Guicciardini restored his family's property - the medieval village of Gargonza - with the exclusive help of local craftsmen and building materials from the region. With this he fulfilled his long-lasting dream of rebuilding the village as it had once existed in earlier times: Thirty houses and a chapel, surrounded and protected by the castle's fortification wall and overlooked by the castle tower, visible for miles around. A little later Guicciardini opened his hotel "Castello di Gargonza".


The former "Casa Contessa Francesca" was renamed in 2013 into "Casa degli artisti" in honor of the project Gargonza Arts. This house with the number 30 is located at the entrance of the village. It is the artists' residence at Gargonza - here they can find tranquility and can concentrate without the touristic hustle. In addition to the individual bedrooms on two floors one can find a community kitchen and a sittingroom with a fireplace. A spiral staircase leads to the attic and offers space for concentrated privacy. A small outdoor area behind the house can also be used.


Of course the artists always have the opportunity to move about the entire village. For the composer there is a grand piano available in the auditorium, a studio is provided for the painter, and there are several gardens and lounges. Thus the artists will encounter an environment with abundant freedom in the centre of Tuscany.

Artists' residence

Artists' residence at Gargonza