Gargonza Arts

Ein Projekt von INTERARTES

The Project

It is the idea of the initiator Michael Faust that young talented artists can work together in one place and that they find and give inspiration. He himself discovered this at the Castello di Gargonza: Nestled in the natural Tuscan hills, far away from touristic crowds, the Castello offers the perfect environment.

This for him is the 'genius loci' of inspiration.Gargonza Arts is designed as a funding project that allows young talented artists from the fields of Fine Arts, Composition, Architecture and Literature to experience a profound extension of their artistic horizon by working together at the Castello di Gargonza for a period of three months and thereby be inspired by the creative process of the other arts. A growing community of artists shall emerge over the years - a close network of artists, curators and organizers, in which the lines between the individual categories remain permeable.