Gargonza Arts

Ein Projekt von INTERARTES

Gargonza Arts

"Just imagine a place that breathes history and creates the future. A place where young artists from different disciplines work freely and inspire each other : An architect looking for a solution for a concert hall that proves efficient regarding the resources, a composer whose composition appears not to be quite ready or a writer whose protagonist could be elaborated slightly more towards the end of the novel. Gargonza Arts enables young artists to discuss their work with their colleagues from the other arts on a daily basis, to develop new ideas, perhaps ideally to even create something together.... "

- Michael Faust, Initiator of Gargonza Arts



Gargonza Arts is a project that allows young talented artists from the fields of Fine Arts, Composition, Architecture and Literature to broaden their artistic horizons fundamentally [...] Read more



Three decades ago Michael Faust, initiator of Gargonza Arts, met Conte Roberto Guicciardini in his castle, which is located in the midst of Tuscany - the Castello di Gargonza. [...] Read more


Castello di Gargonza

The main goal of Gargonza Arts is to support the joint work of young and highly talented artists from different art disciplines in one place. Castello di Gargonza is an ideal location for this purpose. [...] Read more


Here you can download the current brochure of Gargonza Arts as a pdf file:

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