Gargonza Arts

Ein Projekt von INTERARTES

Do become a member!

InterArtes is an association where we all pursue the goal of supporting young artists and enhancing interdisciplinary exchange. As a member of the InterArtes e. V. you directly support the artists in residence of Gargonza Arts. Moreover you will not only come into contact with young artists from the fine arts, music, architecture and literature but also be invited to exclusive events of InterArtes where you will be able to meet other interested and supportive people and of course the artists themselves. This is also possible during the three-month sojourn at Gargonza. As a member you get special rates when staying at the Castello di Gargonza, which is the castle's name and at the same time serves as the name of our project.

The membership fee is 60 Euro per year (for students only 30 Euro) and can be fully claimed as a tax deduction.

Here you find our application form for membership. Please print it out, fill it in and send it to us via post or email. You will then receive a confirmation of your membership. Do contact us if you have any questions or need further information.


What does InterArtes e.V. offer you in return for your donation, your support or your membership?

As a member of the association InterArtes e.V. you receive:

  • regular information on the activities of InterArtes e.V. a reduction of 15% when staying at the hotel of Castello di Gargonza
  • invitations to all cultural events of InterArtes e.V.
  • access to the works of art that we own

Members whose contribution is higher than the listed fee are viewed as supporting members or donors for the surplus sum.

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